Font Licensing Term


We have four different licenses for each font that we made. Please kindly read our licenses term below. Choose a license based on your need.

Basic Commercial

  •  1 User
  •  5 Commercial Project
  •  Unlimited Personal Project
  •  2 Computer Installation
  •  Non Monetized Social Media 
  •  Personal Blog
  •  End-Product : 1,000 Sales/Prints/Pcs
  •  Non Monetized Social Media

Extended License

  •  Up to 10 User
  •  Up to 10 Computer Installation
  •  Logo Usage/Logotype
  •  E-Publication
  •  WebFont for One Website
  •  Unlimited Commercial & Personal Project
  •  Monetized Social Media
  •  Blog : Unlimited Usage
  •  End Product For Sale
  •  Webpage : Unlimited Views

Broadcast License

  •  Video/Movies
  •  TV/Motion Graphic
  •  Unlimited Commercial Project

Corporate License

  •  1 Corporate/Brand
  •  Unlimited User & Installation
  •  Unlimited Commercial Project
  •  Unlimited Web Views
  •  Unlimited Broadcasting
  •  Unlimited Social Media & Blog
  •  Unlimited Apps & Server
  •  Unlimited End Product for Sale


You are not allowed to resell our product. Simply do not resell our fonts , include it on your product, make it bonus for your sales, or any similar thing.


You are not allowed to share our downloaded product. Do not share our fonts to anyone, even it is your family, colleague or simply anyone.


You are not allowed to modify our product. Please Kindly don’t modify our products by editing the original shapes, edge etc. If you need special request please contact us

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